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  • I purchase the ORANGE GLO for stainless steel.. it is absolutely amazing...
    I had tried everything to keep my fridge, stove and dishwasher clean and nothing worked...
    I saw your product and thought what the heck I'll try it...
    oh my gosh it was soooo easy and smooth I love this stuff.

    Colleen B., Hamilton, ON

  • I think you have one of the best products on the market after using the furniture
    product for polishing the house smells wonderful.

    Nancie D., ON

  • I am writing to say I think your product (ORANGE GLO Wood polish and conditioner) is magical.
    It makes my wood furniture just beautiful and shiny.
    And it always smells so fresh in the house after I use it.
    It is and will always be the only wood polish I use.

    Dione., Alberta

  • Today I have used ORANGE GLO Wood polish and conditioner for the first time and I was so amazed at the results.
    My antique hutch looks so beautiful, I just went thru my entire house and sprayed everything that I could find to use it on.
    At first, I was a bit apprehensive about buying it, but I decided to give it a try.
    This will be on my shipping list from now on.

    Ellen B., NL

  • I was visiting one of my relatives and asked her what she used on her kitchen cabinets
    to make them shine as well as the wonderful scent in her home.
    She informed me that she use ORANGE GLO. Her cabinets were beautiful.
    The next day I bought a spray bottle and have used it ever since, and have recommended it to all my friends.

    Wendy P., Halifax

  • I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for making such a wonderful product.
    I recently purchased and tried your Wood Polish and Conditioner and couldn't believe that is
    fixed my grandmas old table that she gave to me a few years ago.
    Thank you very much.

    Dainah P., Kamloops, BC

  • Recently, while I was shopping and I spotted some Orange Glo on the shelf. I unscrewed the sprayer and had a quick wiff.
    I bought it on smell 1st. I didn't realize at the time, what I was in for. We live in a large house at Silvermere Lake in Mission, BC,
    most of our furnishings are antique and oak. I like my house to be clean and most of all smell clean.
    I cleaned all my wood with Orange Glo, and even my chrome taps and stainless steel sinks. Yes, it's safe to say I'm hooked.

    Robin O., Mission, BC

  • I bought some ORANGE GLO for the first time this week-at last a product that actually works!
    Good on you!
    Wasn't going to pick it up because it was a bit pricey but this is the fir product I've used in a long
    time that makes doing the chore worthwhile. Thanks for the product.

    Wilma R., Sooke, BC

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